Bike Mechanic, fix my bike!

Possibly one of the hardest jobs a bike mechanic could always get wrong is not tuning the gears, or fitting a chain. No, it's changing pedals.

One of our learners at the upper site was really kind this week and brought in an old bike from home that they would like to fix up and donate.

So the bike was checked - tyres, brakes adjusted, chain and gears lubricated and then onto the pedals. One pedal was broken so our learner brought some new ones in.

Pedals are tricky, any bicycle mechanic will tell you and My. Butler always forgets. Is it 'lefty-loosey, righty-tighty'?

On one side yes, and on the other, it's 'lefty-tighty, righty-loosey' so that started a whole debate on whoever invented...and why didn't they just...

But once we'd overcome getting the pedals off, putting the new ones on was a different challenge altogether. Managed well, we made good use of mathematical terms of clockwise and anti-clockwise, quarter turns and used new tools too!