Transport Arrangements

Transport Arrangements

Learners, who get transport in the morning by either parent, carers or SEN transport, should arrive at Trinity Academy Newcastle Upper Site no earlier than 8.20. At the end of the day, learners may be collected Mon, Tues Thurs and Fridays at 2.45 Wednesdays 2.15. Arriving on-site no more than 15 minutes before finishing time.

Learners who are transported by SEN transport need to be ready waiting for the transport to arrive as the driver will only wait 3 minutes max. It is Parent/carer responsibility to see the learners onto the vehicle.

With the max 3 minutes waiting time it is inevitable that some learners occasionally miss their transport. At this point, we could send our driver out to help support getting the learners to school, as long as this was not happening on a regular basis.

Remember it is the parent/carers responsibility to get the learners into school.

Further information about SEN Transport is also available from:

SEN Transport
Room 213
Newcastle City Council
Civic Centre
Barras Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne


Phone: 0191 277 4646