Trinity Academy achieved the Silver Anti Bullying Quality Mark Award during the 21-22 Academic year (ABQM, for the high-quality work we do around preventing and dealing with bullying. 

The Academy is currently working towards obtaining the Gold Award, the progress is going well, and we expect to fulfil the requirements during the academic year 

Anti-Bullying Learner Ambassadors contributed towards earning the Silver Award by liaising with the Anti-Bullying Staff Ambassadors and highlighting any problems those learners may have regarding bullying. They report their findings to staff, who then work alongside learners in developing a plan to deal with any issues raised. 

Any questions or queries should be forwarded to your Anti-bullying lead members of staff. 

We welcome any questions or feedback from all parents and carers. We at Trinity Academy will not tolerate bullying in any form. We firmly believe that every learner should feel safe, secure and valued when attending this academy. Therefore, bullying is regarded as a very serious matter. 

There are many types of bullying, the main types are: 

  • Physical, (Hitting, Kicking, Theft). 

  • Verbal, (Name Calling, threats etc.). 

  • Racism (Targeting others due to ethnicity or religious beliefs). 

  • Homophobic bullying (Targeting others due to their sexual orientation). 

  • Indirect, (Spreading rumours, excluding someone from social groups and targeting more vulnerable learners i.e. physically disabled etc.). 

  • Cyberbullying, (When a person or group of people, use the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies to threaten, tease or abuse someone).  

Staff procedure for tackling evidence of Cyber Bullying in school: 

  • Pupils, staff and parents/carers will be advised to keep a record of the bullying as evidence. 

  • The school will take steps to identify the person who is bullying, where appropriate, such as examining system logs, identifying and interviewing possible witnesses, and contacting the service provider and the police, if necessary. 

  • Sanctions for those involved in Cyberbullying may include: 

  • The bully will be asked to remove any material deemed to be inappropriate or offensive 

What you can expect of staff: 

  • Victims of bullying are listened to, taken seriously, and informed of what action will be taken, they are reassured that all possible steps will be taken to ensure their safety. 

  • Staff will act discreetly to ensure that your problems are dealt with sympathetically. 

  • Staff will ensure that parents and carers are contacted and kept informed on what action the school decides to take. 

  • Staff will also contact parents and carers of those that are doing the bullying, and inform them also of the school's actions. 

  • Parents of learners involved in bullying will be informed of possible future action. 

What can you do if you are being bullied? 

  • Don’t keep it a secret. Talk to ANY member of staff ANY time you are feeling bullied. 

  • Speak to the identified Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (Learner or Staff) 

  • Tell your parent or carers about how your feeling and what has been happening. 

  • Do not retaliate to the bullying behaviours. 

  • Try to ignore the bullying. If you show that you are not upset, the bully may stop. 

  • Tell the bully to stop. 

  • There are many adults at school who want to help you, they can help you to decide how to handle the situation, or they can take action. Please talk to them about your feelings. 

Useful links to support any concerns or questions about the anti-bullying procedures in place to support your child. 

  • Anti-Bullying Policy - Direct link to Trinity Academy anti-bullying policy. 

  • 0191 2986950– Direct phone line option 2 for Lower Site - Anti-bullying Site lead. 

  • 0191 2986950– Direct phone line option 1 for Upper Site - Anti Bullying Site lead. 

  • You can also speak to your Head of School - Mark Flint