February Forest School Scavenger Hunts

In Februarys Trinity Forest School Learners engaged in Scavenger hunts, themed around the Chinese New Year. The learners were presented with riddles that they must solve to locate the golden Dragon eggs. The benefits of Scavenger hunts are vast and can help develop skills for real world application.

These Scavenger hunts encouraged learners to observe and interact with nature gaining hands-on experience around environmental awareness, helping participants develop a deeper connection to the natural world. It involve teamwork and collaboration, with learners working together to solve clues, find items, and complete tasks.

This promoted communication, cooperation, and the development of interpersonal skills through the use of radios to communicate between teams develop and enhance various communication skills, including clarity, active listening and adaptability. These skills are transferable into the classroom and in all aspects of the life.

These challenges and puzzles required problem-solving skills, as activities stimulated critical thinking and creativity as learners figure out how to navigate the forest environment to achieve their goals.

It encouraged physical activity as learners explored the forest, walk or run, climb, and interacted  with the environment, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Furthermore, students needed to  carefully observe their surroundings, helping them develop keen observational skills, an important aspect of nature education as well as learning to notice details, identify different species, and understand the ecosystem they are exploring.

These Scavenger hunts helped spark curiosity about the natural world, with  Learners often asking questions and seek information, promoting a sense of wonder and a natural inclination toward lifelong learning. In addition, it helped learners develop risk management skills as they assess and navigate challenges while ensuring their safety.


When the wind blows, I wave at you.

Sometimes I am red, white and blue.

Answer: Flag



I am always hungry and will die if not fed,

But what ever I touch will soon turn red

Answer: Fire / Fire pit


Back and forth you might say wahee,

You find me in playgrounds or tied to a tree            .

Answer: Swing


With clothes of green,

And bark of a dog,

Search me for the goods,

I sleep like a log.

Answer: Fallen Tree


I keep my babies under my chest,

The next egg you find is under my…

Answer: Nest