Good Luck & Goodbye

Miss Stewart prepared some Goodluck and Goodbye bags for her Year 11 leavers in Yellow group. They will be a huge miss to staff and peers. We wish them all the best in their future and hope they all achieve their dreams and aspirations, whatever they may be!

  1. A penny for good luck.
  2. A marker to remind you to leave a good mark wherever you go.
  3. An elastic band to help stretch your mind.
  4. A smiley face to remind you to keep smiling.
  5. Love hearts because you are loved.
  6. A balloon so you aim high.
  7. A rubber to remind you it's okay to make mistakes.
  8. Cotton wool to remind you there will always be support and comfort around you.
  9. Smarties to remind you how smart you are.
  10. Candle so you keep shining bright