Resilience is an incredibly important skills to have in life as it prepares us for challenges that we will face. It is also something we probably don’t always realise we have. So, what is it? Its basic definition is The capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. Psychological resilience is: The ability to cope mentally or emotionally with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. You could say that in a word, it means ‘toughness.’

As you can imagine, resilience is a skill we work on a lot in The Sanctuary – every day, in fact. This term has been brimming with resilience and our learners have demonstrated it so much, even when it feels hard.

Maths has been a lesson for us lately, in more ways than one – read on! One of learners has been working extraordinarily hard to understand key concepts in Numeracy. They were supported by staff to understand how to calculate sums using a variety of equipment to help. This felt really, really hard at one point, and like giving up wasn’t far off, BUT our learner kept persevering until eventually a good old abacus came to the rescue and everything clicked. We are all thrilled because not only has our learner been able to overcome challenge in Numeracy lessons but because they didn’t give up, they have developed so much resilience. Well done J

Another learner has shown how resilient and determined they are recently by trying new foods. Previously new foods was quite a scary experience but they have been working with staff to slowly introduce new foods in cooking lesson, one sweetcorn kernel at a time.  This has been exciting in a sensory capacity but also something to be hugely proud of as they have developed resilience as well as discovered whole culinary worlds. We are so proud!

It pays to persevere because resilience generates big rewards!