Therapeutic Highlights of the term

Here at The Sanctuary, Therapeutic Interventions and activities are bespoke to the individual learner. We seek to understand their experiences in order to help them regulate their emotions successfully.

Each learner has daily activities they are involved in such as morning check-in time where Learners engage with Zones of Regulation. This is a great way for learners to link their emotions with colours and images and aids in their labelling of their feelings.

Learners have progressed in understanding how their emotions affect their body which has helped with self-regulation. Learners can recognise when their heart beat increases when they are feeling particularly nervous or angry. Now that they are noticing these connections, they are able to regulate their emotions a lot quicker.

At the Sanctuary we love to see our learners having autonomy over their decision making when it comes to their emotions. We have seen real progress where learners are building secure attachments with both staff and other learners and we look forward to seeing how they progress further in September.